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Punching / Notching / Shearing Station

H-90 Shown

*made in Taiwan

Punching Station: Full range of universal punches and dies are available. Unique style allows for large angle iron. Punching and large channel punching.

Punching Station: Large viewing windows on stripper. Swing away design for ease of operation. Large two piece gauging table with rulers and stop as standard equipment. Quick change coupling nut and sleeve for rapid replacement or change. 

Notching Station:Unique design allows for unsurpassed cutting of angle and flat bar. Electrically interlocked safety guard for maximum operator safety. Ventilated guard for maximum operator visibility. Three gauging stops for precise positioning. Three foot electronic back gauge. Supplied as standard equipment. Fine adjustment allows for precision cuts. Fully protected electrical harness for safety and reliability. Large contact button for maximum productivity.



Flat Bar Shearing Station: Easily adjustable hold down with good operator visibility for accurate cutting large 15″ squaring arm with inlaid scale as standard equipment. Specially contoured anti-distortion blade for quality cuts.Lower blade has four usable edges.Allen head set screws allow for easy gapping of the machine. No shimming required.


Large strong guarding for max. safety. The angle iron shear has the ability to cut angle iron at 45 degrees both top and bottom leg. This gives the operator the ability to make a picture frame corner for perfect welds.


Round and square bar shear has multiple holes fora variety of sizes. Adjustable hold-down for clean square cutting. Optional channel and I beam shears available. Diamond shaped blade for quality cuts and no material loss with minimal deformity.Forty five degree miter cut top both top and bottom leg for a picture frame corner.


Large heavy duty knobs. Precise square bar cutting. Mitering with large standard squaring arm.

Other standard toolingMulti-Vee bending attachment.
Multi-vee press brake tooling is supplied as standard equipment including goose-neck top and multi-vee bottom.
Large punching base with T-slot table provides a solid base.Front table and support removable.Structural die block for punching channel or I beam.